Sunday, April 29, 2012

And the OSCAR goes to......

I have chosen the winners to our contest about reading. You had to write a sentences saying what Reading is for you. All your sentences are great, it has been very difficult to chose one so I just chose a number and the winners are...... 
For 1st year students: ANDREA NIETO PÉREZ

Reading is a world of endless dreams!!!!

For 2nd year students: the winner is  BEATRIZ LORENTE
Reading is travelling to a lot of places and countries, having a lot of adventures and lovers. Reading is  feeling that your imgination can fly!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A new teacher from USA

Yesterday April 25th, Shannon's mum came to visit us. As she is a teacher of Spanish back there in New Hampshire, she was our teacher yesterday and she told us about her life, her job, her students and she answered all our questions very kindly. There are many differences between her school and ours but she said she liked Seville very much. THANKS MAUREEN, COME BACK AGAIN!!!! We wanted a photo with Shannon and her mother!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012


As you may know World Book Day is celebrated today. One of the reasons to celebrate it on April 23rd is because Cervantes and Shakespeare died on this same date and also because Catalonia and England celebrate St George's day. In Catalonia people give a rose and a book as a present this day.
You can find more information in another blog HERE
We can listen to some Shakespeare's animated tales HERE