Sunday, January 18, 2015


By Dr. Brent Conrad 
Clinical Psychologist for TechAddiction

 In many ways the Internet allows us to be more productive and actually saves us a lot of time as we carry out our various day-to-day tasks. For example, it is much more efficient to do our banking online compared to actually going to a physical bank. Catching up with old friends on the other side of the world is only a click away. Renting a movie no longer requires a trip to a video store. Unfortunately, excessive use of the Internet can significantly interfere with functioning in other areas of life such as relationships, education, work, physical heath, and emotional well-being. When going online is your number one priority (whether for gaming, chatting, shopping, gambling, pornography, etc.) and you no longer participate in life outside of the virtual world, Internet Addiction may be a problem you need to address.

 Are you addicted to the Internet? Answer these seven questions:
 1. Does my online use cause significant problems in my relationships, at school, at work, or how I feel about myself? 
 2. Do I often neglect or ignore important responsibilities in favor of going online? 
 3. Have I tried to cut back on my Internet use with little or no success?
 4. Are other people concerned about how much I use the Internet? 
 5. Do I often go online because it takes my mind off problems in my life?
 6. Has my Internet use steadily increased over time? 
 7. Has the quality of my life deteriorated as a consequence of the amount of time I spend online? 

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