Sunday, January 18, 2015


By Dr. Brent Conrad 
Clinical Psychologist for TechAddiction

 In many ways the Internet allows us to be more productive and actually saves us a lot of time as we carry out our various day-to-day tasks. For example, it is much more efficient to do our banking online compared to actually going to a physical bank. Catching up with old friends on the other side of the world is only a click away. Renting a movie no longer requires a trip to a video store. Unfortunately, excessive use of the Internet can significantly interfere with functioning in other areas of life such as relationships, education, work, physical heath, and emotional well-being. When going online is your number one priority (whether for gaming, chatting, shopping, gambling, pornography, etc.) and you no longer participate in life outside of the virtual world, Internet Addiction may be a problem you need to address.

 Are you addicted to the Internet? Answer these seven questions:
 1. Does my online use cause significant problems in my relationships, at school, at work, or how I feel about myself? 
 2. Do I often neglect or ignore important responsibilities in favor of going online? 
 3. Have I tried to cut back on my Internet use with little or no success?
 4. Are other people concerned about how much I use the Internet? 
 5. Do I often go online because it takes my mind off problems in my life?
 6. Has my Internet use steadily increased over time? 
 7. Has the quality of my life deteriorated as a consequence of the amount of time I spend online? 

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  1. I think the internet is as addictive as TV, It is useful because you can download music or films... but It's very addictive be cause in some occassions, I have finished studying very fast to chat with my friends. The problem is if a person lives less a real life than a virtual life. I saw that addiction and I talked to my parents and now I only use the phone when I haven't got any homework.

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  5. In my opinion, internet as it is said in the comment, can be very good, or very bad; the truth is that can be addictive, therefore it is good sometimes parents give us time to use it. I use internet to consult doubts about different subjects, or also to connect with my friends. If it could give him a to somebody on Internet would be that it used with moderation always.

    Marina Escamilla Castro.

  6. I agree with the doctor, because the internet can be very useful, if we use it with control. Nowadays, we cannot do other many things than surfing on the internet or watch TV, but only when we're bored, and that doesn't take time from our real lives. I don't see any problem, it's an advantage if you use it being careful. The internet can be more interesting than real life. In my case, I meet a lot of people around the world and they can become very good friends of mine. Thanks to the internet i can communicate sfaster and easier with my friends. People who are seriously addicted should talk with someone who could give them help.

    Yanira Terrón Soriano

  7. I agree with the Doctor, the internet allows us to be more productive and actually it saves us a lot of time.
    The problem is that people feel less shy on the internet and it can be addictive for teenagers, but in my opinion people can be obsessive about everything

    Marina N

  8. In my opinion, internet addiction can be a really serious problem, because it can make you lose your time and disconnect from real life. However, if you are careful and set an schedule for time spent on the Internet, it should be fine.
    Also, don't go online if you haven't finished doing your tasks. It'll be a relief when, after a hard work day, you can finally go on the Internet ;)

  9. I use The internet when I hace some doubts with muy homework and when I want to listen to music and chat with my friends ,but I don't spend toó much time con The internet ,because I know my mother doesn't like it .I think The internet is more addictive than TV because it is like an unreal world .I know a friend that uses the internet too much ,she's my best friend .I think when someone is obsessive with The internet ,he need a doctor because it can be a very dangerous problems .My experience with the internet has been good because it's helped me toó muchos when I have somer problems with something . By :Miryam Hidalgo Hoyos

  10. In my opinion ,It is a entertaiming and it is another way of social life.
    People speak or play with their friends everyday and they can go to the park too.
    If you can"t stop,if you need to be online all day or you preffer playing computers games alone,intead of playing with your friends ,you have problem.
    PD Daniel Romero

  11. I think the Internet is a good way to be entertained, search for information and, in some cases, to meet new people.
    But I agree that lot of people have an Internet addiction and they are usually teenagers. I have a friend that spends all day playing games online and I haven't seen him for three months. I don't know how to help him. In my opinion, he must try to forget about the Internet some time or talk to someone who can help him.

  12. I think that The Internet is not bad but Internet addiction is bad because you should use the Internet with control and if you use the Internet a lot it is bad for your eyes and your life . My advice is that you can use the Internet but not too much time and to do "good things"

  13. I'm agree with the doctor, because some people don't use the Internet carefully and with moderation and the Internet can be addicted if we do it.
    I know a person who is addicted and it's an important problemas because he forgets about his real life and he's al the time connected. He has got worse marks and he's lost some friends, because he doesn't want to go out with them. I have tried to help him, first he has to know that he has a problem. I sometimes go to his hause and I talo to him, because he has to know that there's a life without the Internet.
    The Internet has good things too, de can search forma things forma school works or other things, we can chat with friends, play games, download music or films...But we always hace to be carefully and be moderate.

  14. I agree with HeyGazza! because I think some people use Internet when they're bored but it also can be an addiction. I use the Internet when I'm bored, sad or to search information. I think that the Internet is more addictive than TV because on the Internet there is all you like and when you want it. I don't know anyone addicted to the Internet but If anyone uses the Internet too much, this person needs to talk with a psychologist.
    Carmen Zambrano Vázquez.

  15. I agree with Dr Brent Conrad.
    The internet can be very useful and it can help you with many day-to-day tasks, reducing the time you have to spend on it.
    The problem is that some people don't use the Internet correctly and they spend more time in their virtual life than in their real one. Then, it can be considered an addiction.
    I think the questions that are given in the text can make you realise if you have got a real problem with the use of the Internet. If you have it, the first step, like people say, is to recognize it and if I were you, the second step would be going to a psychologist who can help you better than anyone.
    Alba Chia Rico

  16. Recently, the internet has become for everybody. You can use it to work, to learn about a lot of topics or to chat with a person who lives in the other side of the world.
    According to the texts which I have read, the internet can be a serious problem, I agree with "Mygirld_Ruby" and "HeyGazza!" because there are people who spend too much time on the internet and they don't do ther life routines, such as going out with their friends, do their homework... these people can have problems in areas of their lives (relationships, education,...) as dr. Brent Conrad said in this article.
    However, in my opinion most people haven't got any problems with the internet. They use it when they're bored or they need it for their job, school... as "Macky oo2" said in her comment.
    We must use the internet carefully, anyway!

    Lidia Carrero Moreno.

  17. I agree with HeyGazza! Because I think the internet can sometimes be an addiction and it can cause psychological problems and some people need true help because people´s lives can get worse.I disagree with Mygirl-Ruby because some people don´t use the internet for entertaining and I disagree with Marky002 too because some people don´t use the internet because they´re bored. In my experience, I use the internet to search for information,to listen to music,to watch videos,to play games and to chat with my friends.But I don´t use it a lot,just a bit,only occassionally.I don´t want to be an addictive person.Some people are like ill for using the internet a lot.I don´t think the internet is less addictive than the TV, I just think that it depends on how you want to use it and on what you´re interested in.I don´t know anyone that uses the internet a lot and I still haven´t known any addictive person.People can talk to their family or friends or someone that can help that person if he or she´s got a problem.

    Alba Teresa Cote Sánchez