Monday, January 28, 2013

The Internet

Addiction is a bad thing.
A definition for  addiction is: an abnormally strong craving. Craving in itself is an intense desire for a particular thing.
What is your opinion? How do you use the internet?  Do you think that the internet is more or less  addictive than RV? Why? Do you know who uses the internet a lot? What can people do if they are using the internet  too much?

Post your comments once they have been corrected. 
Deadline: February, 8th.


  1. I don't think Internet addiction is bad thing. If you are utilizing your time without doing any harmful thing on Internet then it is acceptable. But, you have to ensure about its proper use.
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  2. I think internet addiction is a big problem.
    The Internet is very useful, because yo can find information, chat with friends, play games and many things more. We sometime use the internet at school.
    But the internet has many problems too. You can use it, but if you play or use it too much time, you can have an addicction problem.
    My father doesn't let me play more than 3 hours. But there are people that play too much.

  3. Firstly, Internet has got many good things, a lot of information, you can watch videos, listen to music, play online or chat with friends. But, if you use a long time the internet, it can be a serious problem, and there are many people who need help.
    Internet has got bad web pages or websites too. We have to avoid those types of web pages, you can lose money and when you plaay onlines, you can have problems with people, or with the game, because you can become an addict to internet.
    Finally, I agree with Ale Tome, and we have to help people, the can visit a psychologist.

  4. Internet is sometimes an adiction, a lot of people is obsessive about it. I disagree with Mark, of courese it is a problem and it must be solved. A lot of people spend more time on the on the internet than in their real life. It isn´t good, so this people need help. I use internet because it is very useful but you must control the time you spend on it.

  5. The internet is a good tool for learning and enjoying. You can meet people from many different places and you can talk with people whu have the same interets as you.

    In the internet the are also, many people that are ''bad'' ande sometimes they want to cheat you. We should be careful when we visit strange webs or know strange people.

    There are people who spend their lives online all the time and they don't meet friends, they don't study... They have a problem! We can help them. They need our help.