Wednesday, May 15, 2013


All my students keep asking me where I am going to be in England and when I am leaving. Well, you can see a map here, Exeter is the capital city of Devon and it is in the south-west of England. They say it is a quiet old city where there are many university students.
As you may know I am looking forward to flying there and being a student for a change. I will tell you more about my life there next two weeks.

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  1. Hello dear! I hope you had a good fly. The village seems to be pretty and Chute Street would be the place where you,d live a lot of drunks!!jjjjjjjj it,s a shame you don,t drink alcohol jjjjjjj
    Have a good time, aquí la virgen del Rocío ha salido con bufandita, aunque creo que la ha perdido con tanto meneo!! Jjjjjj
    Your faithfully Keto ;)

  2. Good post, thank you for your sharing!