Thursday, May 23, 2013


Well, it has been nearly a week since I say goodbye to you and I got ready to come to Exeter. I promised you to tell you something about this city and what I do here. Here you go! I live in a typical British terraced house with other 3 girls from different parts of Europe, all of them are teachers of English, like me, Eda is from Turkey, Sylwia from Poland and Ornella is Italian. All of them are very nice and we enjoy ourselves a lot together. We go to the school in the morning to learn about teaching. As I am the only Spanish teacher here, I have to talk in English all the time so I am beginning to think in English!!! We also do other activities like visiting the city, which is very nice and very quiet. Yesterday we went on a school trip to Darmoor National Park. It was cool because it was a beautiful sunny evening which it is not so common here as you may know, because the weather is always changable and unpredictable. We spent a lovely afternoon hiking. What about you? have you done your homework? I hope so!!! A big hug for ALL OF YOU!!!!


  1. Hi teacher!!!!!!
    The photos you sent are all amazing and show the funny days you are living there, in the "sunny islands" jjjj. Keep enjoying!!!!! We are looking forward to seeing you. Have good days and a gread trip back!!!!!

  2. Teacher,I'm glad you had a good trip!
    I want to travel, but it is impossible
    I hope you enjoyed

  3. Amazing pictures,thanks for your share!